Guarantees of Origin

With the purchase of a green power certificate, energy suppliers can prove that one megawatt hour of power has been produced from renewable energy


To document and report that the energy you consume in Europe comes from renewable energy sources, you must buy Guarantees of Origin. The Guarantee of Origin, a voluntary system, complies with the Greenhouse Gas Protocol Scope 2 Guidance and is an effective and recognised tool to reduce your greenhouse gas emissions and improve your sustainability rating. RIGHT POWER, a market leader in Europe, offers a wide range of energy choices with Guarantees of Origin from different technologies and sources.

The GoO  has no inherent price except for the price given to it by the supply and demand market.  The GO is the carrier of electricity attributes.

How it works

  • Guarantees of Origin are traded. When a company buys Guarantees of Origin, as documentation for the electricity delivered or consumed, the Guarantees of Origin are cancelled in the electronic certificate registry. This single standardised instrument makes it easy to track ownership, verify claims and ensure that Guarantees of Origin are only sold once and that there is no double counting. In Europe, through a common energy market, rules and cross-border infrastructure, energy can be produced in one EU country and delivered to consumers in another. If you do not buy Guarantees of Origin for the electricity you consume, the electricity will come from any source including nuclear or fossil.


  • Guarantees of Origin are market-based instruments and an effective way to increase the market momentum for renewable energy. Buying Guarantees of Origin sends a signal to the market that you prefer to consume renewable energy and it shows your commitment to changing energy behaviour. The demand for renewable energy in Europe, documented with Guarantees of Origin, continues to grow year on year. Guarantees of Origin also give power producers an extra income source, making it more appealing to build more renewable energy production.


  • The EU Renewable Energy Directive (2009/28/EC) came into force in June 2009 as part of the EU energy and climate change package. The Directive states that Guarantees of Origin prove to the final customer that a given quantity of energy was produced from renewable energy sources. Guarantees of Origin were established to create greater environmental awareness, provide customers with an opportunity to choose renewable energy and signal this choice to the market. They provide credible and verifiable documentation for a sustainability report or an environmental audit, and to help stimulate further renewable energy production.

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