Renewable Energy

The use of alternative resources is becoming part of all realistic scenarios for promoting sustainable development and energy security in Europe. Renewable energy can be made from multiple natural resources. Energy from these sources is clean, safe and inexhaustible.



Thanks to our rich experience and proven results in the energy sector, we have decided to offer our clients in the CEE region, a comprehensive solution for electricity generation services from renewable sources – from planning, installation to monitoring.

Wind Power

Wind is a form of energy generated by uneven heating of the Earth’s surface by solar radiation, which produces a vertical air flow. From the energy that the Sun radiates towards Earth, about 2% is converted into wind energy. For this reason, wind power has also developed in recent years.



Wind farm complex Żeńsko


Our first successful energy production in RES is a wind farm in the northwestern part of Poland. Electricity from this wind farm, as well as third-party wind farms or other renewable sources, purchases our subsidiary TRMEW obrót S.A.



Location: Żeńsko, Gmina,  Krzęcin, Powia Choszczno, West Pomeranian Voivodeship

Investment costs: PLN 38 million

Basic parameters:

Device type: 3 x GE 2.5 MW xl

Power: 3 x 2.5 MW

Average annual production: 19 GWh


Wind farm Żeńsko:


Solar Energy

Solar energy is the most affordable and cleanest form of renewable energy we can get. There are many principles of converting solar energy into another form of energy, most often the conversion to electrical and thermal energy. Our solution covers the entire life cycle of the photovoltaic system.


Our company plans to expand solar power generation through solar panels not only in the private sector but also in the home. The aim of our company is to achieve installed capacity of at least 5 MW over the next 4 years and 5 GWh of annual electricity production.



We offer installation of photovoltaic power plants and vertical wind turbines suitable for roof installations for single-family houses, administrative buildings, or any other buildings. We offer cost-effective solutions for businesses and households.